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May 2024: Dr. Wang is ranked at the top in Materials Science, Energy, Nanotechnology and many fields

Sept. 2023:The 2nd edition of Ranking of Top Scientists worldwide, Wang is ranked #1 in Materials Science, #9 in all fields according to

Dec. 2022: Dr. Wang was elected as a fellow of National Academy of Inventors, the highest honor for an inventor who produces commercial impacts through research. Wang's discovery and breakthroughs in developing nanogenerators established the principle and technological roadmap for harvesting mechanical energy from environment and biological systems for powering mobile sensors. Wang's work also p­ioneered the field of self-powered sensors, and he coined piezotronics and piezo-phototronics for the third-generation semiconductors. Wang holds 70 U.S. and foreign patents:

Nov. 2022: Ranking of the world's top scientists in all fields: According to, Dr. Wang is ranked #1 in materials science world wide and and ranked #9 in all fields world wide:

October 2022: Our new website is online @

September 2022: Dr. Wang's talk on "The Maxwell's equations for a mechano-driven system moving with acceleration" is online @youtube

April 2022: 2022 Edition of the Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Materials Science released recently by, Wang is ranked #1.

Jan. 2022: Dr. Wang's new work reveals Contact-electro-catalysis for the degradation of organic pollutants using pristine dielectric powders, which has been published in Nature Communications

Nov. 2021: Wang Among the World’s Top 100,000 Scientists: In a ranking of 100,000 scientists across all fields, Materials Science and Engineering Hightower Chair and Regents’ Professor Zhong Lin Wang is listed as number three in career scientific impact and number one in 2020 single year scientific impact. The list, produced by a team at Stanford University, led by Professor John P.A. Ioannides, ranks the world’s most-cited scientists based on standardized citation metrics - avoiding self-citation or citation farm abuse. Wang is a pioneer and world leader in nanoscience and nanotechnology for his outstanding creativity and productivity. He has authored and co-authored six scientific reference and textbooks and over 1800 peer reviewed journal articles, 45 review papers and book chapters, edited and co-edited 14 volumes of books on nanotechnology, and held over 70 US and foreign patents.

Nov. 2021: Wang has been named 13 in Highly Cited Researches (h>100) according to their Google Scholar Citation public profiles

Stanford ranked the top 100,000 scientists in all field worldwide: Dr. Wang is ranked #1 among 100,000 scientists worldwide across all fields in 2020; and #5 in entire career scientific impacts!

Concept design for a user-powered, refreshable Braille e-book reader for the blind

2020 Celsius Lecture Laureate in Uppsala university, Sweden by Dr.Wang("The Origin of Contact-Electrification")

Dr. Wang is the 2020 Celsius Lecture Laureate of the Uppsala university, Sweden("The nanogenerator can be charged by your heartbeat")

Self-powered surface may evaluate table-tennis play(TENG for self-powered sensing in athletic big data analytics)

Nanogenerators are highlighted by Discover Magazine: Energy Scavengers: Static Electricity Could Power the world

Dr. Wang receives the medal and certificate at The award Ceremony of Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Dr. Wang is ranked #15 worldwide for all the scientists in all fields!

Prof. Wang being elected as an International Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang is the winner of the 2019 Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Highly Cited Researchers(h>100)according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles: Dr. Wang is #21 among all fields

2018 Eni Award in Energy Frontiers Goes to Nanogenerator

Zhong Lin Wang Receives ENI Energy Frontiers Award

Georgia Tech Scientist Honored for Energy Research

Wang receives the 2018 ENI award in Energy Frontiers (The Nobel prize for energy)

Ranking of Nanotechnology & Nanoscience experts according to their Google Scholar public profiles, Zhong Lin Wang is ranked No. 1

Highly Cited Researchers (h>100) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles, Zhong Lin Wang is ranked No.35 in all fields

The body electric

New Insights Could Pave The Way For Self-Powered Low Energy Devices

ACS’ Most Prolific Author Zhong Lin Wang Shares His Productivity Tips

Prof Wang is Global NanoEnergy Prize 2017 Recipient

Blink Once For Yes: You Can ‘Talk’ to This New Computer Interface With Your Eyes

Blinzeln statt klicken

Controlling Devices With The Blink Of An Eye

Nanogenerator Gets More Flexible and Transparent

Triboelectric nanogenerators boost mass spectrometry performance

Powering mass spec ionization with friction improves sensitivity

Mass Spectrometry Gets a New Power Source and a New Life

Triboelectric Nanogenerators Boost Mass Spectrometry Performance

Self-powered textile could be woven into smart clothes

A New Style of Power Generation

Georgia Tech produces electricity-generating textile

Triboelectric energy harvesting transducers will be a $400 million market in 2027

Former Group Member Gonzalo Murillo Recognized as MIT Technology Review, Spanish Edition's Innovators Under 35 Spain 2016

This New Fabric Harvests Energy from the Sun and Wind

Walk Around in the Sun to Power Wearables With This Cloth

Wang was awarded the Advanced Materials Laureate 2016

Hybrid nanogenerator harvests hard-to-reach ocean energy

Prof. Wang's lab profile is now online on Materials Today

Prof. Wang invited to speak at TEDxGeorgiaTech

Prof. Wang receives the 2016 Distinguished Scientist award from Southeastern Universities Research Association

Prof. Wang Invited by HKUST as One of The 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers

Power Unit Turns People into Generators

Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency

Two-stage Power Management System Boosts Energy-harvesting Efficiency

Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency

Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency

Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency

Plastic grass could cover buildings to produce energy from wind

3rd International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics 2016 (NGPT 2016)

2nd International Conference on Nanoenergy and Nanosystems 2016 (NENS2016)

Vibrations Power Vehicle’s Exhaust Filter

The Inside Story on Wearable Electronics

The Inside Story on Wearable Electronics

Professor Wang Makes List of Citation Laureates

Prof Wang is People's Choice Nobel Poll Winner for Physics

Foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhong Lin Wang into Nobel Popular

Thomson Reuters forecasts Nobel Prize winners

APS news on Nobel Prize predictions

Scientists who could win a Nobel Prize

The 2015 Thomas Reuter Citation Laureates

Proposed standards for triboelectric nanogenerators could facilitate comparisons

Nobel speculation kicks into high gear

Prof Wang is predicted to be a candidate for Nobel Prize in Physics by Thomas Reuter (2015)

The special issue for the 2nd Intern. Conf. on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics has been published

New ‘smart’ keyboard detects typist

Science magazine features the self-powered smart window

Wall Street Daily: If You Want the Lights On, Get Moving

Wall Street Daily: Provocative "Electri-Tech" for Power

ACS Nano Chief Editor Paul Weiss Interviewed Z.L. Wang

The Washington Times: True cybersecurity: 'Intelligent' computer keyboard identifies users by pattern of their key taps

Student Science: This 'smart' self-cleaning keyboard is powered by you

WSJ: New Intelligent Keyboard Knows Who's Typing on it (Video)

WSJ: This Computer Keyboard Knows Who You Are

GT News: Self-powered intelligent keyboard could provide a new layer of security

IEEE: This Paper "Slinky" Could Power Internet of Things

Georgia Tech Fall 2014 Commencement address Dr. Z.L. Wang

Photos: Prof. Wang is the winner of The 2014 WORLD TECHNOLOGY AWARD in Materials!

Prof. Wang is the winner of The 2014 WORLD TECHNOLOGY AWARD in Materials!

2014 WORLD TECHNOLOGY AWARD Finalists in Materials (Prof. Harry Atwater, Prof. Steven Chu (former United States Secretary of Energy and Nobel laureate in Physics in 1997), Prof. Andre Geim (Nobel laureate in Physics in 2010) and Prof. Sharon Glotzer)

GT News: Researchers develop world's thinnest electric generator

NSF: Walking can recharge the spirit, but what about our phones?

IOP: Managing power in triboelectric nanogenerators for wireless sensing

Bloomberg: Nanogenerator Recharges Devices With a Jostle, Swipe, or Tap

Dr. Wang Receives 2014 NANOSMAT Prize

Arizona State University features Alumni: Zhong Lin Wang '87

Dr. Wang Receives Distinguished Prof Award (Picture)

GT News: Dr. Wang to Receive Distinguished Prof Award

WIR: No Stranger to Friction: Georgia Tech Prototype to Generate Tribo-Electricity More Efficiently

Naukas: High performance triboelectric generators

Sinc: High performance triboelectric generators

HexunTech: High performance triboelectric generators

ScienceNet: High performance triboelectric generators

Energy Harvesting Journal: Nanogenerator for acoustic energy harvesting

Energy Harvesting Journal: Nanogenerator for acoustic energy harvesting

ScienceNet: Nanogenerator for acoustic energy harvesting

Sofepedia: High-Tech Backpack Makes It Possible to Charge Gadgets on the Go

Live Science: Walking Can Recharge the Spirit, But What About Our Phones?

R&D: Triboelectric nanogenerator harvests energy from human walking

Power&Energy: Triboelectric nanogenerator harvests energy from human walking

Nano Werk: Triboelectric nanogenerator harvests energy from human walking

GTNews: Collapsing backpack charges gadgets as you walk

NewScientist: Collapsing backpack charges gadgets as you walk

ACS Press Release about triboelectric nanogenerator

Nature: Shake to make power

News 24: 'Tribo-electric', the buzzword of the future?

IOP: Going beyond the traditional electromagnetic generator

China confers top science award

Dr. Wang received the prestigious Chinese National Award for Scientific Collaboration

Reuters: News report on Triboelectric Generator

Reuters: News report on Triboelectric Generator, Video Download

News Scientist: Collapsing backpack charges gadgets as you walk

GT: MSE'S Zhong Lin Wang wins Prestigious James C. Mcgroddy Prize

GT: Harvesting Electricity: Triboelectric Generators Capture Wasted Power

APS: Dr. Wang receives 2014 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials from American Physical Soc.

C&EN: Measuring Pressure With The Help Of Static Electricity

Mumbai Mirror: Sensor converts pressure to light

Nuevo sistema para registrar firmas: convertir presion mecanica en seales luminosas

New Sensor Device Captures Signatures & Fingerprints

Technology Tell: Smartphone Fingerprint Recognition Technology Is Near

PR Web: LED Strip Lights co. Responds to LED Breakthrough

Futurity: Device Turns Signatures Into Light Signals

Nanotechweb: Piezophototronics makes highly sensitive skin-like sensor

Embedded: Bringing touch to robots with piezo-photronic LEDs

AZONANO: Nanowire LED Sensor Could Revolutionise Human-Machine Interfaces

Extremetech: Piezo-phototronic nanowire LEDs can scan your fingerprint, and then display it back to you

Physicsworld: Highly sensitive skin-like sensor lights up at touch

GT: Device Captures Signatures with Tiny Piezo-Phototronic LEDs

EE Times: Piezo-Phototronic LEDs May Help Robots Feel

Siliconsemiconductor: Simplifying MEMS Pressure Sensor Technology

Noodls: Device Captures Signatures with Tiny Piezo-Phototronic LEDs

CS: LED Device For Capturing Your Signature In Lights

Materialsgate: Device Captures Signatures with Tiny Piezo-Phototronic LEDs

Science Daily: Device Captures Signatures and Fingerprints With Tiny LEDs

Physorg: Device for capturing signatures uses tiny LEDs created with piezo-phototronic effect

Science360: Device captures signatures with tiny piezo-phototronic LEDs

Blog talk radio: 5/8/13-Dr.Hildy-Dr. Zhong Lin Wang - NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATES

Physics World: Nanowire transistor array as touch-sensitive as human skin

Popular Mechanics: Transistor Could Help to Restore the Sensation of Touch

Electronics News: Flexible arrays of tactile pixels improve touch sensing

CCTV: U.S. researchers develop device giving robots human sense of touch

Xinhuanet: U.S. researchers develop device giving robots human sense of touch

China Daily: U.S. researchers develop device giving robots human sense of touch Piezoelectric 'taxel' arrays convert motion to electronic signals for tactile imaging

E&T Magnizine: Device mimics touch with sensitivity of fingertip

ISO9: New artificial skin is as sensitive as human fingertips

Physics World: Nanowire transistor array as touch-sensitive as human skin

Science World Report: 'Smart Skin' Gives Robots Adaptive Sense of Touch: Artificial Skin a Possibility

Design&Trend: 'Smart Skin' Transistors Give Robots "Sense of Touch," Better Interaction With Touch Screens for Humans

Nature World News: Researchers Create Material As Sensitive As Human Fingertip

Wired'Smart skin' has the same sensitivity as human fingertips

The Engineer: Robots given 'more accurate sense of touch'

CNET: New 'smart skin' so sensitive it rivals the real thing

BBC: 'Smart skin' hope for touch sensor

MIT Technology Review: Nanoscale Pressure Sensors Mimic Human Skin


Discovery News: Computers Get a Sense of Touch

Technews Daily: Touch Tech Could Make Robots Ticklish

The Second International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics NGPT 2014

Mobile Nanogenerators

New energy technologies: nanogenerators and piezotronics

Designing nanogenerators for large-scale energy harvesting

Charging Your Phone With Every Step

Structural monitoring added to application list for nanogenerators

Science feature the triboelectric nanogenerator

Nanogenerator's output triples previous record

CNN interview Dr. Wang for the breakthrough in nanogenerators and self-charging power pack

Georgia Tech invention named a Top 10 physical science breakthrough of 2012

The first international conference on piezotronics and nanogenerators

Self-Charging power cell is among the top 10 breakthroughts for 2012 by Physics World


How Friction May Someday Charge Your Cell Phone (Chinese Version)

A Generator Powered By Motion

Human Energy

New Developments In The Nano World

Pyroelectric nanogenerator charges Li-ion battery with harvested energy

How Friction May Someday Charge Your Cell Phone


Self-charging battery both generates and stores energy

Cells step toward plugless charging

Dr. Wang receives the 2012 Edward Orton, Jr. Memorial Lecture award from American Ceramic Society


Featured Engineer--Dr. Z.L. Wang

Tube-shaped solar cells could be weaved into clothing

Wall Street Journal reports Nanogenerator

Air show on Nanotechnology for Environmental Remediation

Dr. Hildy: The Building Blocks of Nanotechnology

A Flexible Power Source From Soot

'Piezo-phototronic effect improving LED performance' featured by Semiconductor Today on the cover of its November/December issue

One Cell One Light Radio with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger



Researchers switch onto ZnO nanowire piezotronic memories

Dr. Wang is awarded the 2011 MRS Medal

MIT Seminar: Collection of videos


Nanogenerators and self-powered system and portable electronics

Let us use the energy that exists around us

Nanogenerator harvests waste energy from a rotating tire

Devices Based on Piezoelectric Nanowires Create New Form of Memory

Zhong Lin Wang on piezoelectricity - energy harvesting on the nano level


First self-powered nanosystem with wireless data transmission

World's first self-powered nanodevice with wireless data transmission' created

Materialstoday Podcast: Nano Energy

First self-powered nanosystem with wireless data transmission

Innovation Stuntmen

First practical nanogenerator produces electricity with pinch of the fingers

Georgia Tech Puts the Squeeze on Nano Power

Feasible nanogenerators to power future electronics through motion

How to power your cell phone with your fingers

ACS NANO Audio/Podcast featuring interviews with Z.L. Wang (Episode 43)

Video of the week: Z.L. Wang on piezoeletronics and piezophotoeletronics

T-Shirt Replaces Battery: Fiber-Based Supercapacitors

Sciencenet report on high power nanogenerator (Chinese)

Energy harvesting nanogenerators grow stronger

Improving Nanogenerators

Nanogenerators Grow Powerful Enough to Drive Conventional Electronics

Nanogenerator Powers Up

Piezoelektrischer Nanogenerator

Professor Z.L. Wang's group invent Piezotronics and Piezo-phototronics (Chinese)

Piezotronic Logic Gates Take the Strain

Researchers Create New Logic Device Based on Piezoelectric Effect

Power From Motion

Push-Button Logic on the Nanoscale

Push-Button Logic on the Nanoscale

Push-Button Logic on the Nanoscale

Push-button logic circuits for nanorobotics and nanoelectronics

Push-Button Logic on the Nanoscale

Push-Button Logic on the Nanoscale

Power From Motion

Energie winnen uit je hartslag

Zhong Lin Wang takes nanoscale piezo energy scavenging to heart

Nanotechnology converts heartbeat and breathing into electricity

Discovery Magazine: 20 Things you donot know about nanotechnology (19 and 20 are from Wang's group)

Enter the age of bionics

People's Daily Online specially interview Prof. Wang (Chinese)

Elite Group Admits Georgia Tech; Who's Next?

Heartbeats tapped for power generator implant

Self Powered Sensors

Nanodevice Powered by Motion

Kick off world wide effort on nanogenerators

Engineers Create First Motion-Powered Nanodevice

Improved Nanogenerators Power Sensors Based on Nanowires

Prof. Wang has been elected as a fellow of Microscopy Society of America 2010

Georgia Tech Professor Named to Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Z.L. Wang Elected as Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hot News: Prof. Wang has been elected as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Science

3D dye-sensitised solar cell developed

Discovery News: Solar Power Goes Underground

BBC News: Light down a wire for solar power

Nanostructures on Optical Fiber Produce "Hidden" Photovoltaic Cells

Wrapping Solar Cells around an Optical fiber

Nanosensing Transistors Controlled by Stress

CNN reports Wang's Nanogenerator

Statistical Technique Improves Precision of Nanotechnology Data

Dr.Wang's special interview on CSF

CBS Sunday Morning News about Nanogenerator

Dr.Wang interview with on Youtube

Technology Review: A Hybrid Nano-Energy Harvester, The device harnesses both sunlight and mechanical energy

Scientific American: The next not-so-big thing: Nanogenerators

Science/AAAS: So Long, Engergizer Bunny

Video: Prof.Wang in the ACS Office of Public Affairs Naitonal Meeting

Prof. Wang elected as a fellow of the Materials Research Society

Discovery: Hamster Jackets Harness Wheel-Running Power

MIT T10 Emerging technology: Nanopiezotronics

World Science: Running hamsters,tapping fingers tapped for energy

Science Watch : Georgia Tech's Zhong Lin Wang: New Power Generation!

NewScientist: Innovation: Technology to harness your power moves

Nanogenerators Produce Electricity from Running Rodents

Top 10 future technologies predicted by New Scientist: Nanogenertors and Mimicking of Geiko foot

Top 10 discoveries in China in 2008! (Chinese Version)

Fiber nanogenerator is elected as the Best of 2008 by Physics World

Live Science: "Zhong Lin Wang on Studying Nanotechnology"

Energy Research News: "Nano brushes generate power"

ACS NANO :Splendid One-Dimensional Nanostructures of Zinc Oxide

Science: Researchers Improve Dry Adhesive Based on Carbon Nanotubes

"Brushing up on nanogenerators"

Texas A&M University Distinguished Lecture Series

Piezotronics Highlighted on Nature Nanotechnology

Fabric may make the first real power suit

Power shirt reported on CCTV News (Chinese)

Microfibre-nanowire generator reported on Fox News

Remarkable New Clothing May Someday Power Your iPod

"Power shirt" would harvest energy from physical movement

Self-Powered Nanotech: Nanosize machines need still tinier power plants

Pt catalyst was highlighted by C&EN

The eye of the fly - just one of many inspiring biomodels for nanotechnology

Dr. Xudong Wang won Technology Review TR35 Award

Butterfly Wing is Template for Photonic Structures

Platinum Nanocrystals Boost Catalytic Activity

Minuscule Power Plants, With Potential Uses In Tiny Devices, by New York Times, 04/10/2007

Nanogenerator Provides Continuous Electrical Power

Nanogenerator Fueled by Vibrations

New Electronic Devices Created from Bent Nanowires

Nanogenerator is featured in the overview section in the NSF budget request to congress

"The discovery of nanogenerators was elected by the Academician of Chinese Academy of Science as the 4th most important science discoveries world wide in 2006.

C&E News reports Nano-Piezotronics

Interview of Dr. Z.L. Wang by Physics (in Chinese)

Nature reports the creation of Nano-Piezotronics

Dr. Wang has created a field of research in nanotechnology: Nano-Piezotronics

Dr. Zhong L. Wang has been elected a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for his seminal contributions to the discovery, synthesis, understanding, and applications of novel one-dimensional nanomaterials.

"Nature reports the creation of Nano-Piezotronics by Dr. Wang."

"Nanogenerators: Researchers Convert Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy for Self-Powered Nanoscale Devices" from GA Tech Research News

Dr. Z.L. Wang is titled of Honorary Professor for the University of Birmingham, UK, effecting on Sept. 6, 2006.

"Spherical nanoparticles put a shine on semiconductor wafers" from

"Nano World: Advanced circuits" from Semiconductor International

"Free Electricity from Nano Generators " from Technology Review

"Tiny generators could power implants some day"

"Congratulations to Dr. ZL Wang on being named COE Distinguished Professor"

Dr. Wang was interviewed by CNN in Sept. 2006 about nanotechnology and its future impacts

Congratulations to Dr. ZL Wang on being elected a Fellow of APS

Study Produces Road Map for Nanomanufacturing

Thinking Small: Z L Wang; Oct. 2005. by Forbes Nanotech.

Power Profile: Nanotechnology Guru; Oct. 09, 2005. by R&D Magazine.

Nanohelix Structure Provides New Building Block

Workshop on Mesoscopic and Nanometric Materials Honoring Prof. Zhong L. Wang.

"Large Nanotemplates" Sep. 16, 2005. by Science

Cover of NNI 5-year Review.

"Smart Materials Respond to Changing Environments." by R&D Magazine

"Prof grows in stature with nanotech patents." by Atlanta Business Chronical

"Fast Moving Fronts Comments", Mar. 1, 2005. by Thomson.

22 Papers are among the top 1% most cited papers in the relevant fields

Dr. Zhong L Wang received the 2005 Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award.

Dr. Zhong L Wang received the 2005 Georgia Tech Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award

Nanobelts tackle nerve gases

The Most Cited Paper

Small Wonders - by AJC.

President Zhihong Xu visited our nanotechnology lab.

Forging ahead with nano discoveries.

Small Science, Big Impact!

Dr. Zhong L. Wang named Fellow of the World Innovational Foundation.

Settling In on Campus - by Science.

Hexagonal patterned ZnO nanorods featured in ACS website.

ZnO nanorings - Report in Science.

CdSe nanosaw featured in Nature.

What is nanotechnology? article by Dr. Zhong L. Wang.

Dr. Z.L. Wang ranks 20th among the most-cited authors in nanotechnology from 1992 to 2002.

Nanotech Hoopla - by

A cooler, cheaper way to power fuel cells - by BusinessWeek.

GA Tech ranks 12th by citations in nanotechonlogy research.

Nanobelts - the hottest paper in chemistry by ScienceWatch.

Nanospring as sensors - by Merging Technologies.

Picture of the Day.

Nanosprings breakthrough shrinks size of sensors - by EETimes.

Tiny Springs - by

Helical piezoelectric nanostructures could be actutors and transducers - by Spacedaily.

Helical structures could be actuators and transducers in nanosystems - by OE Magazine.

Nanosprings: Helical piezoelectric nanostructures... - by GA Tech Research News.

Powering Fuel Cell - by Innovation Report.

Making Hydrogen - by Merging Technologies.

Powering Fuel Cell - by the Electron

Faster, easier detection of fugitive emissions - by Chemical Engineering Progress.

Nanobelts coil up for piezoelectricity - by

Fuel cell get boost from inhaling, exhaling - by Hydrogen Technology

Cheaper routes to hydrogen - by Chemical Engineering.

Powering Fuel Cell -

New oxide material could make small fuel cell more feasible - by EV World.

Powering Fuel Cell -

Powering Fuel Cell - by GA Tech News.

French Institute honors Materials Science and Engineering Professor.

Symposium in honor of Professor Zhong L. Wang in France.

Alliance pushing Georgia to grab lead in nano.

Nanoscience in Ribbons - Nanocantilever.

Microscopic Mix Strengthens magnet - by TRN magazine.

SnO2 Nanostructures, Highlights of the Recent Literature.

The Future of Nanotechnology - by Dr. Z.L.Wang, Sciencetimes (CN).

Magnetic Nanomaterials - by Sciencetimes (CN).

Energy, Environment and Nanotechnology - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, World Sci-Tech R&D (CN)

The Way to Nanoscientists - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, China Basic Science (CN).

From Hydrogen Energy to Hydrogen Economy - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, Sciencetimes (CN).

The process to be a Tenure Professor - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, Sciencetimes (CN).

Dr. Wang is Among the Top 10 GT Personalities.

Nanobelt Join the World of the Ultra-Small.

Highly Ordered Bifurcated Silica Nanowires - by Sciencetimes (CN).

Professor Evaluation - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, Sciencetimes.

Researchers Compare Bending Strength of Individual Carbon Nanotubes - by

Measuring the Tiniest Structures - by

Ga Tech Researchers Working on Ultra Tiny Breakthroughs - by the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - by Dr. Z.L. Wang, Sciencetimes (CN).

Dr. Z.L. Wang is On the Cover of Scientific Chinese.

A New Class of Nanostructures: Nanobelts - by

A New Class of Nanostructures: Semiconducting "Nanobelts"... - by Science Daily.

Scientists Belt Out a Novel Nanostructure - by Science News.

The Discovery of Oxide Nanobelts - by Sciencetimes and (CN).

Tightening the Nanobelts - by

Ultra-Tiny Ribbons Promising for Electronics - by

"Nanobelts" Join the World of the Ultra-Small - by

Nanobelt Groves a Cinch - by

Strength of Nanotubes Measured by Electrical "Plucking" - by Chemistry.

The Bending Properties of Carbon Nanotubes - by APSNews.

Weighing the Very Small - by TechNews.

World's Smallest Scales Weigh in - by BBCNews.