Dr. Zhong L. Wang named Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation

Aug. 05, 2004


World Innovation Foundation’s Honorary Members and Fellows do for the world-at-large.

Introduction - The World Innovation Foundation is the only fully ‘Independent’ scientific, technological, engineering and applied economic ‘think-tank’ in the world today. The WIF has no direct financial ties to any governments or corporate entities. It is therefore a free-thinking group of the world’s foremost creative minds.


Overview - Honorary Members and Fellows act in concert on consultations for the enlightenment and mutual benefit of governments throughout the world. Our members determine through their leading-edge knowledge and in concert with a nation’s indigenous scientists, engineers, technologists and inventors, what technologies should be developed for any particular nation. In this respect differing countries have differing indigenous strengths in terms of materials, resources and personal knowledge.

The WIF is therefore the only institution that interacts directly with all the world’s indigenous scientists assembling their respective economies into sustaining and developing economies. What this means is that those nations develop peacefully and in harmony, and where scientific collaboration, cooperation and communication are the hallmarks of the WIF’s work. In this respect peace is attained through direct actions and where those actions are non-aggressive. 

The Institution's founding president was the late Nobel Laureate Dr. Glenn Seaborg (Element 106  Seaborgium), discoverer of nearly 10% of the universe's Elements and the  scientific adviser to ten presidents of the United States.  The WIF's current President is Nobel Laureate Dr. Jerome Karle, the US  Navy's Chief Scientist at the Laboratory of the Structure of Matter, Washington. Our two Vice-Presidents are Professor Dr. Federico Capasso, former Main Board Research Director at Lucent Technologies & Harvard University, USA and  Professor Dr. Kees Bulthuis, former Main Board Research Director at Philips Electronics and President of the NFTW, The Netherlands. The WIF's founding chairman was the late Professor John Argyris, FREng (recipient of The Prince Philip  Medal of the REng and Royal Medal of the RS), pioneer of the Finite Element Method/Analysis, the world's foremost mathematical engineering design tool. WIF vice-chairman is Professor Mostafa Tolba, former head of UNEP, UN Under  Secretary-General and founder and president of the ICED (International Centre  for Environmental Development).


Details about the WIF can be found at: www.thewif.org.uk