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Papers in 2022

Papers in 2023

  1. Boosting the performance on scale-level of triboelectric nanogenerators by controllable self-triggering", Qianwang Wang1, Xin Yu1, Jianlong Wang1, Yang Yu, Zhenjie Wang, Tinghai Cheng*, Zhong Lin Wang, Advanced Energy Materials, online (2023)
  2. Integrated Wearable Smart Sensor System for Real-time Multi-parameter Respiration Health Monitoring", Yingzhe Li, Chaoran Liu, Haiyang Zou, Lufeng Che, Peng Sun, Jiaming Yan, Wenzhu Liu, Zhenlong Xu, Weihuang Yang, Linxi Dong, Libo Zhao, Gaofeng Wang, Zhong Lin Wang, Cell Reports Physical Science, 4, 101191 (2023)
  3. Accordion-inspired parallelly assembled triboelectric nanogenerator: For efficient biomechanical energy harvesting and music responding", Linan Feng, Zhong Lin Wang, Xia Cao, Liqun Zhang, Nano Today, 49, 101760 (2023)
  4. Advances in triboelectric nanogenerators for self-powered neuromodulation", Esraa Elsanadidy, Islam M. Mosa, Zhong L. Wang. James F. Rusling, Adv. Func. Mater., online (2023) 
  5. Pixeled Triboelectric Nanogenerator Array as a Probe for in-situ Dynamic Mapping of Interface Charge Transfer at a Liquid-Solid Contacting", Jinyang Zhang#, Shiquan Lin#, and Zhong Lin Wang, ACS Nano, online (2023) 
  6. Brownian motor inspired monodirectional continuous spinning triboelectric nanogenerators for extracting energy from irregular gentle water waves", Huijing Qiu, Huamei Wang, Liang Xu, Mingli Zheng and Zhong Lin Wang, Energy Environ. Sci., Advance Article(2023) 
  7. Probing Contact Electrification between Gas and Solid Surface", Lin Lin Sun, Ziming Wang, Chengyu Li, Wei Tang, and Zhong Lin Wang, Nanoenergy Advances, 3, 1-11 (2023) 
  8. Tunable Tribovoltaic Direct-current Generation via Metal-Insulator Transition", Ruizhe Yang, Zihao He, Shiquan Lin, Leqi Lin, Wenjie Dou, Zhong Lin Wang, Haiyan Wang, & Jun Liu, Nano Letters, 22, 9084–9091 (2022) 

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