Papers in 2021

Papers in 2022

  1. Rehabilitation of Total Knee Arthroplasty by Integrating Conjoint Isometric Myodynamia and Real-Time Rotation Sensing System", Jianzhe Luo, Yusheng Li, Miao He, Ziming Wang, Chengyu Li, Di Liu, Jie An, Wenqing Xie, Yuqiong He, Wenfeng Xiao, Zhou Li, Zhong Lin Wang, Wei Tang, Advanced Science, online (2022)
  2. Stimulation of ambient energy generated electric field on crop plant growth", Xunjia Li, Jianjun Luo, Kai Han, Xue Shi, Zewei Ren, Yi Xi, Yibin Ying, Jianfeng Ping and Zhong Lin Wang, Nature food, online (2022)
  3. Self-rebound cambered triboelectric nanogenerator for self-powered sensing in kinematical analytics and safety prejudgment", Yutao Hao, Xiaobo Gao, Ding Nan, Juan Pan, Yuhan Yang, Fangjing Xing, Baodong Chen, Zhong Lin Wang, ACS Nano, online (2022)
  4. Self-powered Sensing for Non-full Pipe Fluidic Flow Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerators", Siyang He, Zheng Wang, Xiaosong Zhang, Zitang Yuan, Yushan Sun, Tinghai Cheng and Zhong Lin Wang, ACS Appl. Mater. & Interf., online (2022)
  5. Contact-electro-catalysis for the degradation of organic pollutants using pristine dielectric powders", Ziming Wang, Andy Berbille, Yawei Feng, Site Li, Laipan Zhu, Wei Tang& Zhong Lin Wang, Nature Communications, 13, 130 (2022)
  6. Methods for correctly characterizing the output performance of nanogenerators", Jie An, Pengfei Chen, Chengyu Li, Fangming Li, Tao Jiang, Zhong Lin Wang, Nano Energy, 93, 106884(2021).
  7. Electromagnetic Shielding Triboelectric Yarns for Human-Machine Interacting",  Shen Shen, Jia Yi, Renwei Cheng, Liyun Ma, Huimin Li, Feifan Sheng, Yihan Zhang, Chuang Ning, Hongbo Wang, Kai Dong, Zhong Lin Wang, Adv. Electronic Mater., online, early view

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