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Stanford ranked the top 100,000 scientists in all field worldwide: Dr. Wang is ranked #1 among 100,000 scientists worldwide across all fields in 2020; and #5 in entire career scientific impacts!

Concept design for a user-powered, refreshable Braille e-book reader for the blind

2020 Celsius Lecture Laureate in Uppsala university, Sweden by Dr.Wang("The Origin of Contact-Electrification")

Dr. Wang is the 2020 Celsius Lecture Laureate of the Uppsala university, Sweden("The nanogenerator can be charged by your heartbeat")

Self-powered surface may evaluate table-tennis play(TENG for self-powered sensing in athletic big data analytics)

Nanogenerators are highlighted by Discover Magazine: Energy Scavengers: Static Electricity Could Power the world

Dr. Wang receives the medal and certificate at The award Ceremony of Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Dr. Wang is ranked #15 worldwide for all the scientists in all fields!

Prof. Wang being elected as an International Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang is the winner of the 2019 Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Highly Cited Researchers(h>100)according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles: Dr. Wang is #21 among all fields

2018 Eni Award in Energy Frontiers Goes to Nanogenerator

Zhong Lin Wang Receives ENI Energy Frontiers Award

Georgia Tech Scientist Honored for Energy Research

Wang receives the 2018 ENI award in Energy Frontiers (The Nobel prize for energy)

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