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Prof. Wang Received Eni Award from President of Italy
Four Major Technological Drives Proposed by Prof. Wang
Catch wave power in floating nets
Prof. Wang - Thomas Reuter Citation Laureate in Physics 2015
Piezotronic Transistors for Active and Adaptive Tactile Imaging
A Self-Powered Intelligent Keyboard
ZnO Nanowires
Nano Energy, a New Journal
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Our current research is in following directions:

  1. Nanogenerators and self-powered nanosystems (2005 – today)
  2. Piezotronics for smart systems (2006 – today)
  3. Piezo-phototronics for energy science and optoelectronics (2009 – today)
  4. Hybrid cells for energy harvesting (2008 – today)

For more information, please go to our research and publication pages.

Dr. ZL Wang

Dr. Wang is a pioneer and world leader in nanoscience and nanotechnology for his outstanding creativity and productivity. Dr. Wang has made innovative contributions to the synthesis, discovery, characterization and understanding of fundamental physical properties of oxide nanobelts and nanowires, as well as applications of nanowires in energy sciences, electronics, optoelectronics and biological science. His discovery and breakthroughs in developing nanogenerators establish the principle and technological road map for harvesting mechanical energy from environment and biological systems.

Nano Energy, a New Journal

Nano Energy is a new journal edited by Dr. Wang. Please click here for more information.


"2018 ENI Awards Ceremony"

By: Presidenza della Repubblica Italiana Quirinale

"Prof. Wang's introduction on nanogerator for 2018 Eni Award"

By: Eni Video Channel

"Tutorial Videos by Prof. Zhong Lin Wang"

By: Zhong Lin Wang

"Catch wave power in floating nets"

By: Zhong Lin Wang

"On Maxwell's displacement current for energy and sensors: the origin of nanogenerators"

By: Zhong Lin Wang
Materials Today

"Piezoelectricity of single-atomic-layer MoS2 for energy conversion and piezotronics"

By: Wenzhuo Wu, Lei Wang, Yilei Li, Fan Zhang, Long Lin, Simiao Niu, Daniel Chenet, Xian Zhang, Yufeng Hao, Tony F. Heinz, James Hone & Zhong Lin Wang