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Lab Tour

Optics 1

Location:Room 171, IPST

PTI UV-VIS spectrofluorometer

 • The QuantaMaster?UV VIS spectrofluorometer is PTI's basic bench-top fluorometer, and is designed for the user who wants:

 • An easy-to-use and reliable bench top fluorometer that has the best sensitivity for quick and accurate measurement of fluorescence or phosphorescence signals.

 •A bench-top fluorometer with the unique additional versatility that only PTI open architecture provides.

Beckman DU-640 Spectrophotometer

 • Complete Integrated Scanning UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

 •The DU-640 is a complete standalone system that incorporates all of the needed components: CPU, graphical user interface, monitor, keyboard, 3-button mouse, and I/O ports.

 •The basic system provides final answers for applications such as fixed wavelength analysis, wavelength scanning, spectral manipulation, and time-based kinetic/rate determinations.

High frequency electrical testing system

 • The E5071B network analyzer offers fast and accurate measurements for RF components.

 • The Agilent E5262A lowers your cost-of-test by providing a high-speed parametric test solution for semiconductor, RFIC, and optical component testing needs.

 • The Agilent HP 8648B, Synthesized Signal Generator, that is ideal for manufacturing high-volume products such as cordless telephones, pagers and two-way radios with a range of 9kHz to 2000MHz.

Electric Characterization Platform

Location:Room 171, IPST

 • This platform can perform electric characterization with through multiple channels at high precision and high speed. This platform can acquires measuring data from 8 channels simultaneously at a sampling rate 1 Ms/s.

 • With this characterization platform current and voltage as low as 1pA and 1uV respectively. We have characterized different nanostructure-based devices with this unit.

Microwave Probing Station

Location:Room 171, IPST

 • The probe station allows precise positioning of thin needles to acquire signals from a microscale semiconductor device without attaching metal wires to them.